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How-to: Use aws-vault to assume a role across AWS accounts

This article will show you how to assume a role and perform aws-cli commands in one account after authenticating via a user in a trusted account (Identity Account pattern). This article is the third and final in a series of instructional posts regarding the aws-vault...

Assess AWS Account Security with Scout2

You use AWS services.  You use them for a company or for your personal projects.  In all this excitement to use the AWS cloud you might have: allowed all developers to access many resources in your AWS account given yourself permanent keys and full admin access on...

Effects of Project Size & Quality on Software Delivery

Why is delivering software so hard? Delivering software to customers on-time and with the expected quality is a big challenge.  The balance of scope, time, and resources is difficult to maintain for many teams. Unfortunately, many teams do not understand the main risk...

Success Strikes Back: Containerizing Legacy Applications

[toc] Introduction Organizations adopting containerized application delivery platforms commonly wonder if containerization is right for their legacy applications, asking: “Can we containerize our legacy applications? What issues should we expect?” In short... "Yes,...

Introduction to Failure Testing With Docker

Overview This article will introduce the basics of the practice of Failure Testing and show you how to add failure testing to any software system that can be run with Docker. What is Failure Testing? Failure testing is the process of exploring how a system behaves...

Get Started Using Lean Development Practices to Create Internal Technical Products

Lean product development processes are great for developing internal products and services such as those created by Information Technology departments for use within the organization. Lean approaches for internal products work well because the team continuously...