QualiMente helps teams migrate to the Cloud securely and at scale with training and professional services that accelerate delivery while reducing risk.:

Modernize Infrastructure Delivery Modernize Application Delivery
Improve Security of AWS Infra Build Infrastructure Delivery Team

We understand how to apply the principles of Lean, DevOps, and high-quality to organizational and technical challenges in order to impart lasting business value.

Modernize Infrastructure Delivery

QualiMente will educate your team on modern infrastructure delivery techniques, partner with you to design a solution, and get you going quickly.  QualiMente has robust designs and infrastructure code solutions ready to go for teams looking to deploy:

  • a minimum viable product for quick learning and low cost
  • new or existing software stack supporting business critical functions safely and reliably

These QuickStarts will accelerate deployment of your applications by weeks or months, give your team a solid foundation to build applications on, and eliminate large chunks of risk from your project.  The QuickStarts are implemented using Terraform and tested via automation which you will receive as part of the engagement.

MVP Cloud QuickStart

The MVP Cloud QuickStart provides the infrastructure needed to support lightweight use cases such as:

  • development of a minimum viable product application
  • getting familiar with AWS

The MVP Cloud QuickStart provisions AWS’ Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Compute (EC2), Relational Database Service, Elastic Load Balancer, and Identity and Access Management services to support a standard three-tier application architecture.

How it works:  After a quick consultation, QualiMente engineers will provision the MVP infrastructure into a new or existing AWS account.  We will then show you how to access the infrastructure using ssh keys for EC2 instances and API access keys and console for AWS services.

Secure Cloud QuickStart

The Secure Cloud QuickStart provides a simple, secure, and robust infrastructure foundation and delivery process to support production application deployments.

The Secure Cloud QuickStart includes:

  1. a secure, solid technical foundation in the Cloud
  2. a robust infrastructure development and promotion process
  3. training and detailed system documentation
  4. a client team skills assessment and recommendations for professional development
  5. a cloud migration plan that achieves a good balance of risk, cost, and timeline
The infrastructure development and promotion process enables your team to grow and change the infrastructure safely with testing and promotion of infrastructure code modules from account to account. AWS Accounts and Infrastructure Development Lifecycle with promotion across accounts


Robustness and Security are engineered into the QuickStart using:

  • multiple AWS accounts as a strong partition for data, simple access control, and incident containment (blast radius)
  • a classic network segmentation model with dmz, app, data, and management network zones
  • three availability zones to provide high availability

How it works:  QualiMente engineers will join your team for approximately 2 months to plan and execute the QuickStart, train your team on the design and its operation, and ensure success.

Release Strategy

We will help you create and tailor a release strategy for your applications and infrastructure that incorporates continuous integration, continuous delivery, and configuration management.  We will assess the current processes and tools used in your organization for application and infrastructure delivery and help you integrate a working, robust delivery process.

Build Infrastructure Delivery Team

We have travelled the road to the Cloud and can help you build a team with the mix of skills and talents needed to get you there.  QualiMente will provide:

  • personalized Cloud team skills assessment and professional development plans covering 10+ critical skill area such as Cloud Architecture, Release Engineering, and System Configuration Management
  • professional training in Building High Quality Infrastructure with Terraform

Modernize Application Delivery

Migrating to the Cloud in a way that provides competitive advantage means more than lifting and shifting the old way of doing things to AWS.  Applications should adjust their architecture to take advantage of Cloud-provided services that improve customer experience and resilience while matching operational expenses to the revenue they support.

QualiMente will help you:

  1. analyze your applications’ resource usage models and availability requirements
  2. design modern application delivery and deployment models that take advantage of Cloud services and Docker containers
  3. characterize concrete deployment options and costs leveraging Cloud-provided load balancing, auto-scaling, object storage, and database services

Application Delivery Pipeline

QualiMente will help you break free of the old way of delivering applications with weeks or months of manual steps by helping you design and construct delivery pipelines capable of deploying updates to production as quickly as automation and approval gates permit.

We will:

  • advise on your current CI/CD services and suggest modern tools, where necessary
  • design and help you construct application delivery pipelines that use Docker containers
  • help you take advantage of modern release strategies like rolling upgrades, canaries, and blue/green deployments

Containerized Application Platform

Deploying your applications in containers can bring huge advantages to your organization by:

  • clearly defining what are application versus platform level concerns
  • packaging applications into a format that is portable and easy to handle
  • decoupling the deployment, scaling, resilience of an application from specific infrastructure and teams

The engineers at QualiMente have been designing and building containerized application platforms for 3 years (a long time in Docker-years!) with multiple clients operating in production at scale on AWS.

We will help you:

  • select the container orchestrator that works for your organization: ECS, Swarm, Rancher, Kubernetes
  • architect the container host management, deployment, security, and resilience strategy
  • jumpstart and provide guidance on operating a production-class container infrastructure: performance tuning, logging, and metrics

Improve Security of AWS Infrastructure

QualiMente’s staff specializes in AWS and can assess and improve the security of your AWS account and infrastructure.  We will help you identify and prioritize risks to your business and construct a plan to address issues.

QualiMente has designs, code, and procedures we can use to improve your:

  • AWS account security by locking down the root user, available regions, and service catalog
  • network using a secure multi-network zone VPC spread across 3 availability zones for high availability
  • data security by ensuring S3 buckets and EC2/RDS instances have proper exposure
  • identity and access control using an IAM role and group design that scale to multiple teams and AWS accounts
  • audit incident investigation capability using AWS Config Service, CloudWatch, Billing Notifications, and GuardDuty

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