QualiMente guides clients to the AWS Cloud, securely and at scale. We will help you develop a roadmap, adopt modern infrastructure and software development processes, and create a robust architecture to deliver services quickly and reliably. We currently offer four unique solutions packages to address your company’s needs. We look forward to helping you to achieve stability and peace of mind with your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Security Assessment

QualiMente’s staff specializes in secure AWS deployments and can assess and improve the security of your AWS account and infrastructure. We will help you identify, assess, and prioritize risks to your business and construct a plan to address issues quickly.

Cloud Roadmap

The Cloud Roadmap starts by understanding your business objectives and how your business provides value to its customers, and then lays out a roadmap showing how to use the Cloud as a force multiplier for your business.

MVP Cloud Quickstart

The MVP Cloud QuickStart provides the infrastructure needed to support lightweight use cases such as the development of a minimum viable product application as well as getting familiar with AWS.

Secure Cloud Quickstart

The Secure Cloud QuickStart provides a simple, secure, and robust infrastructure foundation and delivery process to support production application deployments.

LIMITED TIME OFFER – FREE Micro-Roadmapping Session

We are currently offering FREE 45 minute micro-roadmapping sessions to qualified prospects. During this FREE 45 minute micro-roadmapping session, we will discuss your business objectives, challenges, and perform some basic validation of whether Cloud will help.