Uniquely qualified to assess and improve AWS accounts and infrastructure

QualiMente’s staff specializes in secure AWS deployments and can assess and improve the security of your AWS account and infrastructure.  We will help you identify, assess, and prioritize risks to your business and construct a plan to address issues quickly.  We have helped clients in many industries secure their cloud deployments, including those regulated by PCI and HIPAA. The AWS security assessment provides:

  • rapid assessment (2 business days) of existing AWS account, network, and application-hosting infrastructure
  • custom report summarizing risks and recommended actions authored by Cloud security professionals
  • follow-up 1:1 session to explain the risks, recommendations, and where to go from here

How It Works – 4 simple steps to AWS peace of mind

Get In Touch

Contact us to schedule your assessment.

Configure AWS Access

We will send instructions for provisioning read-only access to your AWS account.

Perform Assessment

We will assess the infrastructure security and share a custom report and recommendations with you in 2 business days.

1:1 Assessment Review

Perform 1:1 Assessment Review Session. We will explain your risks, recommendations, and next steps.

LIMITED TIME OFFER – FREE Micro-Roadmapping Session

We are currently offering FREE 45 minute micro-roadmapping sessions to qualified prospects. During this FREE 45 minute micro-roadmapping session, we will discuss your business objectives, challenges, and perform some basic validation of whether Cloud will help.