Cloud Roadmap

A clear path for migrating your business to the cloud

Is your business’ growth limited by its current infrastructure, speed of delivery, or struggling to meet demands from a successful new service or client?  Do you have a feeling that the Cloud can help you meet these challenges but not sure where to start?

QualiMente will work with you to understand your business objectives, how your business provides value to its customers, and then provide a roadmap showing how to use the Cloud as a force multiplier for your business.  We have helped many clients scale their delivery processes and infrastructure to meet growing customer demands and quicker delivery times.  We will guide you down the path of creating a simple, secure, and robust Cloud deployment that meets your company’s customer and internal demands. The roadmapping solution provides:

  • an outside perspective to clarify business objectives
  • guidance of how the Cloud will or will not help
  • assessment of current value stream, system architecture, and delivery process describing architectural issues, delivery bottlenecks, and a prioritized set of opportunities
  • a strategy for scaling and securing your business using the AWS Cloud
  • a roadmap describing stages of Cloud adoption aligned to business objectives

How It Works – 3 Simple Steps

Get In Touch

Contact us to schedule a FREE 45-minute micro-roadmapping session.


Discuss Your Business Objectives

During the micro-roadmapping session, we will discuss your business objectives, challenges, and perform some basic validation of whether Cloud will help.

Design A Plan

We will explain more about the full Cloud Roadmapping solution and decide how we should proceed.