Start with a strong foundation

With the Secure AWS Account Foundation service, we will help you architect and provision a secure and scalable foundation of AWS accounts to support the organization’s move to AWS.  Skipping this step can lead to a lot of challenging and risky remediation work once applications from mixed environments are running in a single ‘kitchen sink’ account.

In this engagement, QualiMente will:

  1. Guide you in architecting your AWS Organization and selecting native AWS Security services to adopt.  The account structure will be tailored to your organization’s security, fault, and business domains to enable safe, efficient delivery.
  2. Provision AWS accounts and configure the AWS Organization according to your target account architecture. This includes securing the account’s root user and integrating an identity provider like Active Directory or Okta.
  3. Configure core AWS security services such as Security Hub, Cloudtrail, Config, and GuardDuty or select third-party alternatives
  4. Help you work with AWS to setup necessary regulatory legal agreements such as the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and take advantage of billing credits and volume pricing.
  5. Construct a plan to migrate resources from existing accounts to the target architecture
Robustness and Security will be architected into your AWS account structure, using multiple AWS accounts to:

  • provide strong partitions for data, straightforward access control, and incident containment (blast radius)
  • enable an infrastructure development and promotion process that grows with your business units and teams
  • help you change infrastructure safely with testing and promotion of infrastructure and applications from account to account
AWS Accounts Supporting Multiple Delivery Stages and Business Units

AWS Accounts Supporting Multiple Delivery Stages and Business Units

How it works:  QualiMente engineers will join your team for about 1 month to architect and build your Secure AWS Account Foundation, train your team on the design and its operation, and ensure success.

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