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The Secure Cloud QuickStart provides a simple, secure, and robust infrastructure foundation and delivery process to support production application deployments.

The Secure Cloud QuickStart includes:

  1. a secure, solid technical foundation in the Cloud, including AWS Accounts, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and networks
  2. a robust infrastructure development and promotion process
  3. training and detailed system documentation
  4. a client team skills assessment and recommendations for professional development
  5. a cloud migration plan that achieves a good balance of risk, cost, and timeline
The infrastructure development and promotion process enables your team to grow and change the infrastructure safely with testing and promotion of infrastructure code modules from account to account.

AWS Accounts Supporting Multiple Delivery Stages and Business Units

AWS Accounts Supporting Multiple Delivery Stages and Business Units

Robustness and Security are engineered into the QuickStart using:

  • multiple AWS accounts as a strong partition for data, simple access control, and incident containment (blast radius)
  • a classic network segmentation model with dmz, app, data, and management network zones
  • three availability zones to provide high availability

How it works:  QualiMente engineers will join your team for approximately 2 months to plan and execute the QuickStart, train your team on the design and its operation, and ensure success.

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