The Building High Quality Java Workshop helps teams understand and address the challenges of building high-quality software by providing a foundation in a multitude of quality management methods that can be used throughout the software development lifecycle.

Problems Addressed

If you experience any of the following, this workshop is for you:

  • fear of changing code
    • Alice can’t change X because Bob is the only one who knows that area, or worse — ‘owns’ it
    • Alice is afraid to fix Y because it’s unclear what the impact will be
  • long ‘regression test’ times or high effort
  • difficulty adding members to the development team
  • frequently shipping defects that impact more than 1% of customers


Attendees will leave with:

  • understanding of why team-based delivery and automated testing are important
  • knowledge of quality methods and fit by phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • ability to:
    • inspect code for problems and share with colleagues
    • write unit tests for new and existing Java classes
    • enhance power of automated tests with parameterized and/or generated data
    • write api tests for a deployed application
  • how to use social processes such as retrospectives and code review to:
    • share knowledge
    • change team culture


The workshop is typically delivered in a 2-day format with the following agenda (1-day format available):

Day 1 Day 2
  • The Challenge
  • Quality
  • Quality Assurance Methods
  • Quality Methods – Team
  • Quality Methods – Testing
  • Unit Testing
    • Practical: Testing new code
    • Practical: Testing existing code
    • Practical: Refactoring troubled code
  • Code Review
  • Static Analysis
  • Increasing Test Coverage & Power
  • API Contracts
  • Practical: Functional Testing APIs
  • Practical: Apply Learnings to Your Code
    • New Code
    • Existing Code
  • Managing Quality
  • Going Forward

The practical sections will be taught from the QualiMente quality-exercises-java repository as well as your own code.

Scheduling a Workshop

To schedule a training workshop for your team, please complete the contact form below and we will find a time and place that is convenient.

The Quality workshop is highly interactive and we recommend:

  • sending pairs of engineers from a team to encourage shared context and peer support when returning to work
  • a workshop size of 4-8 engineers; if you have fewer engineers please contact us and we will adjust delivery options
  • working proficiency in Java


Workshops may be conducted on-site at your team’s location or at a QualiMente-provided training center. QualiMente is based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and consultants are available for travel within the United States.


2-day, on-site workshop in Phoenix, AZ: $9,500

Cost of travel and training centers will be quoted when requested by the client. Discounts are available when booking multiple workshops or additional training on advanced content.