The Building High Quality Infrastructure with Terraform Workshop helps teams understand and meet the challenge of building and managing reliable infrastructure with Terraform.  The workshop provides students with methods for building high quality infrastructure and hands-on practice building and testing infrastructure using Terraform on AWS.

Problems Addressed

If you experience any of the following, this workshop is for you:

  • unsure of the concepts of infrastructure as code
  • unsure how to use Terraform or to organize and test infrastructure code
  • slow and uncertain infrastructure delivery
  • fear of changing code
    • Alice can’t change X because Bob is the only one who knows that area, or worse — ‘owns’ it
    • Alice is afraid to fix Y because it’s unclear what the impact will be
  • difficulty adding members to the infrastructure development team


Attendees will leave with:

  • ability to:
    • develop generic infrastructure modules in Terraform using a pre-built dev environment
    • inspect code for problems and share with colleagues
    • write automated tests for Terraform modules
  • understanding of why team-based delivery and automated testing are important
  • knowledge of quality methods and fit by phase of the Infrastructure Development Lifecycle (IDLC)
  • how to use social processes such as retrospectives and code review to:
    • share knowledge
    • change team culture


The workshop is typically delivered in a 2-day format with the following agenda:

  • The Challenge, Quality, and Strategy
  • Concepts: Infrastructure as Code
  • Concepts in Practice: Terraform
    • Providers, Resources, Data Providers, Interpolation, Modules
    • Resource Graph, Resource Lifecycle, State
    • Taught by working through the multi-tier-app of infra-exercises-terraform in AWS
  • Quality Methods
  • A Modern Infrastructure Code Build
  • Continuous Integration
  • Infrastructure Layers & Interfaces Between Them
    • Generic Infra Modules
    • Generic Base Infra Modules: Networks, Virtual Machines, Object Storage
    • Generic Application Infra Modules
    • Live Infra Modules
  • Guided Design: Design a Set of Modules and Layers for Your Environment
  • Deep-Dive into a Modern Infra Build
    • Static Analysis
    • Unit Testing
    • Code Review
    • Discussion: What’s in your Infra toolchain?
  • Going Forward: Creating a Robust Infrastructure Development Process

The practical sections will be a hands-on exercise using infra-exercises-terraform where students develop terraform code to place EC2 application instances and database into an existing multi-tiered VPC and expose the application via an application load balancer.  Docker and the terraform-infra-dev image will be used to provide a portable, reliable development experience for the workshop and your own team, if you choose.

Scheduling a Workshop

To schedule a training workshop for your team, please complete the contact form below and we will find a time and place that is convenient.

The Quality workshop is highly interactive and we recommend:

  • sending pairs of engineers from a team to encourage shared context and peer support when returning to work
  • a workshop size of 6-10 engineers; if you have fewer engineers please contact us and we will adjust delivery options
  • beginner or higher-level proficiency in Terraform


Workshops may be conducted on-site at your team’s location or at a QualiMente-provided training center.  QualiMente is based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and consultants are available for travel within the United States.


2-day, on-site workshop in Phoenix, AZ: $9,500 (POs and CCs accepted)

Cost of travel and training centers will be quoted when requested by the client. Discounts are available when booking multiple workshops or additional training on advanced content.


QualiMente partners with leading technology firms and can help integrate them into your organization: